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DandL CREATIONS (510-732-1408) offers a wide selection of custom-sized shell necklaces We have many varieties of shell necklace designs to choose from. Number one and most popular is the puka shell necklace However, we have many other exciting jewelry items, consisting of semi-precious gemstones. WE MAKE THESE NECKLACES OURSELVES, SO WE CAN DO ANY SIZE YOU WANT….13-25 inches…. Please be sure to check out our high quality COWRIE SHELL CHOKERS. We have 23 designs to choose from, with Design Number 2 being the best seller of these. We also have the puka shell chip, 70’s Style Puka (round, concave in 3 size shells), clam shell, tiger puka, hammer shell, shark’s teeth, puka ‘accents’ (puka shell with semi-precious chips), puka ‘combos’ (puka necklaces with blue/brown shells). If you are a large person, we have your size!!! CUSTOM SIZED NECKLACES…WE MAKE YOUR SIZE!!!!

Just to let you know that we do ship to the United Kingdom. We’ve recently been receiving a lot of orders from there. We usually ship GLOBAL PRIORITY and that only takes 2-4 days and costs $5.00.

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